On the 28th of March 2018 in a colourful event held in Bungoma County, the Centre for the Study of Adolescence launched its new project in Bungoma County. The new After Hours Adolescent Project (AHAP) will be implemented in Webuye West and Mt.Elgon sub-counties.

This project will be delivered through a new innovative community-based approach that includes trained rovers (young people 18-24 with prior training in nursing, public health community development, social work) locally sourced from the local communities to deliver CSE after being trained by CSA.

An adolescent from Mt.Elgon participating in a short skit on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) alongside his teacher

The Rovers will be equipped with skills and materials to organize and conduct holiday-based crush workshops on CSE standard curriculum developed by CSA. Each rover will be assigned 40 students to train and mentor them during April school holidays with follow up sessions in August and December of each year.

Other components include ‘after hour’ service delivery model using the public health care system. The goal is to increase service uptake in two selected Sub Counties in Bungoma County by offering services exclusively to children and adolescents from 4.30 to 8pm using specially trained nurses retained by the project in 8 facilities to address adolescent SRH needs.

The nurses will be employed by the project and must be willing to address the broad range of SRH issues including safe abortion and sexual diversity. The nurse will provide CSE consistent with what Rovers provide in the community, offer counselling, referral and linkages between schools, community structures and health facilities.

This project is also working on advocacy to widen space for SRH and CSE and community mobilization to increase community involvement support and sustainability of the project activities in the County. CSA will work closely with the Bungoma County government and other partners to sustain county and national focus on SRH for children and young people.

A young person participating in the AHAP launch

A learning component will be embedded within the CSE and service delivery aspects of the project. CSA will be broadening its partnerships with researchers to test a new ‘after hour’ service delivery approach using specially trained and project retained community based young nurses in 8 facilities in Bungoma CSA will therefore be testing the effectiveness of offering reproductive health services after-hours and also assessing effectiveness of community rovers on delivery of CSE to in school youth using out of school approaches and general analysis of satisfaction cards from the youth clinics to inform health management teams on service improvement areas.

CSA remains committed and true to its mandate to promote adolescent health in Kenya!